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In-House Pharmacy

Shawnee Health Service has established an in-house pharmacy called Shawnee Health Care, Pharmacy, located within Shawnee Health Care in Murphysboro.  Our pharmacy has its own drive through window on the south side of the building.
Our pharmacy is staffed by two licensed Pharmacists – Fred Bierer and David Smiley, and several pharmacy technicians.
Prescriptions can be filled for patients of any Shawnee Health Center.
Shawnee Health Care, Pharmacy participates in the Public Health Service Drug Pricing Program authorized under Section 340B of the Public Health Service Act.  The 340B Program allows Health Center patients to purchase prescription drugs at significant savings.  The ability of patients to access affordable prescription drugs improves compliance with care ordered by Shawnee Providers and leads to improved clinical outcomes for you.
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Did you know?

Woman using ScriptCenter
Shawnee Health Care has two convenient ScriptCenter locations in Carbondale and Marion?  Patients enrolled in the ScriptCenter Kiosk can have their prescriptions filled at the Shawnee Health Care Pharmacy, then pick them up in the clinic at their convenience during clinic hours.
To enroll in the ScriptCenter Kiosk, visit:

David Smiley
Fred Bierer