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2021 Community Health Center Quality Recognitions

septiembre 13, 2021


[Carterville, Illinois, September 10] Shawnee Health Service is pleased to announce its recognition for 2021 year as a top 30% health center in the country for “Best Overall Clinical Performance” by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Shawnee Health Service was also recognized by HRSA as a leader in advancement of health information technology (HIT) and implementation of the patient centered medical home (PCMH) model at multiple clinics.

Out of the over thirteen thousand health centers in the United States, Shawnee Health Service was recognized in the top 30%. A multitude of different factors go in the HRSA decision making process including quality, breadth of services, modernization, and overall value of primary health care. This achievement was exceptionally rewarding due to the challenges placed on healthcare systems like Shawnee Health Service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Implementation of the PCMH model aids tremendously in the areas of quality and modernization by working to provide wrap around care to all patients by having medical, behavioral, and dental services readily available on site.

Shawnee Health Service Executive Director Patsy Jensen stated, “We take pride in providing the southern Illinois community with high quality health care at an affordable price. Taking an integrated approach to our patients’ health has been the key to our success.”

Desde su creación en 1971, Shawnee Health Service ha trabajado para mejorar la salud y el bienestar de los residentes del sur de Illinois a través de la promoción, el desarrollo y la administración de servicios sociales y de salud integrales y de calidad. Shawnee Health Service cree que la atención médica de calidad es un derecho y se esfuerza continuamente por garantizar que los pacientes reciban atención médica de la más alta calidad sin importar su edad, raza, religión, sexo, situación económica o el lugar donde viven.


To learn more about our Patient Centered Medical Home model visit: https://www.shawneehealth.com/pcmh/


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