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Shawnee Alliance

Entrance to Shawnee Alliance in Carterville

Shawnee Alliance

6355 Brandhorst Drive, Carterville, Illinois 62918

Call us at 1-618-985-8322 or toll free 1-800-642-7773.

For emergencies, Shawnee Alliance can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Fax:  (618) 985-9096


Shawnee Alliance provides services throughout the lower thirteen counties of Illinois.
Branch Offices in:

Anna, Cairo, Harrisburg, Mounds, Murphysboro, and West Frankfort

The Place

Since 1983 Shawnee Health Service, through the Shawnee Alliance for Older Adults program, has served persons over the age of sixty (60) and their caregivers.  Program goals include providing access to services which enable older adults to maximize their independence and remain in the community, advocating for the rights of older adults and their quality of life in the community and in nursing homes, and protecting older adults from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Programs Offered through the Community Services Unit

Comprehensive Care Coordination

Shawnee Alliance Care Managers help older adults and their caregivers connect to services available in the community which enable them to maintain their independence.  Care Managers make home visits to evaluate the older adults’ ability to function independently.  The evaluation is comprehensive and provides the care manager with information needed to advise the older adult and their caregiver on programs and services available to meet their needs in the following areas:

  • Function
  • Physical Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Medication
  • Nutrition
  • Transportation
  • Home Environment
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Spiritual/Social

Shawnee Alliance Care Managers work closely with older adults and their caregivers to provide information on services and programs in each of these areas, develop plans to assist with identified needs, coordinate access and referrals to services, and monitor to adjust plans when needed.  The Care Manager can provide access to in-home care programs, adult day services, home delivered meals, financial aid programs, transportation programs, home modification, assistive technology, medication assistance programs, Medicare Part D applications, and many other resources available to assist older adults.  Evaluations are performed in the privacy of the client’s home and there is no charge to the client or their caregiver.  Participation is voluntary and activities are at the direction of the client and their caregiver.  Care Managers may also assist older adults in transitioning back to their home from a nursing home or from a hospital.

Choices for Care

Shawnee Alliance Care Managers provide consultation services to persons over the age of 60 or disabled persons under the age of 60.  The goal is to provide information which enables participants and their caregivers to make informed decisions based on the options available in their community.  Options discussed include home and community based services like in-home care and adult day services, home delivered meals, and other services available in their community.  Other options include supportive living facilities, assisted living facilities, and nursing facilities.  There is no charge for this service.  All persons seeking admission into a nursing home in Illinois must first meet with a Choices for Care Manager to be informed of their options for care.

Counseling Services

Shawnee Alliance can provide short term supportive counseling for older adults in the privacy of their own home.  Caregivers for older adults may also receive counseling services.  If you would like to know more about these services, please call Shawnee Alliance at 1-800-642-7773.

Money Management

Volunteer Money Management Program

This program provides protective services to limited income seniors who need help managing their finances.  The goal of the program is to assist low income seniors, as well as to promote independent living and prevent unnecessary institutionalization, guardianship, or homelessness.


The Volunteer Money Management Program is co-sponsored by the Illinois Department on Aging and the AARP Foundation.  Volunteers help with such bill-paying activities as opening and organizing mail, setting up budgets, and balancing checkbooks for seniors who remain in control of their finances, but need some help keeping things in order.


Representative Payee volunteers help clients manage their Social Security benefits, if the client is unable to handle his or her own finances.  The Representative Payee volunteer manages and pays the client’s expenses from an account into which the Social Security benefit is automatically deposited.

Why might someone need Volunteer Money Management services?
  • Physical or mental disabilities
  • Bills are not being paid
  • Client is unable to read or write
  • Client is overwhelmed or nervous
  • Loss of informal support or caregiver
  • Financial exploitation or abuse
  • Serious illness
  • Threat of eviction
  • Utilities shut off
Volunteer Money Management Program Safeguards
  • Insurance coverage of client funds is provided by AARP.
  • Volunteers are carefully selected, trained, and provided ongoing support.
  • Volunteers only work from one designated account with a $3,500 limit.
  • Volunteer activity and accounts are monitored on a monthly basis.

Senior Health Assistants Program

Bridge Program – Transitional Care Model


The Illinois Transitional Care Consortium (ITCC), is a consortium of community-based organizations, hospitals, a research university, and a health care policy-advocacy organization.  ITCC developed the Bridge Model, a social-work based model of transitional care that serves older adults being discharged home after a hospital stay.  For more information visit the ITCC website.

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

The Shawnee Alliance for Seniors Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is a 100% resident-centered, resident-directed advocacy program for all persons who reside in long term care facilities in 13 counties within the Shawnee Alliance service area.


Long Term Care facilities include Skilled Care facilities, Assisted Living facilities, Supportive Living facilities, Shelter Care facilities, Specialized Alzheimer’s facilities, and Intermediate Care facilities for the Developmentally Disabled.


Long Term Care Ombudsmen serve to protect and improve the quality of life and quality of care for Residents of long term care facilities through:

  • Receiving, investigating and attempting to resolve complaints and concerns from Residents, family members, community members
  • Maintaining a Regular Presence in long term care facilities through facility visits, attendance at Resident Council meetings, attendance at Resident Care Plan meetings, and other activities
  • Ensuring that all Residents know their rights as residents of long term care facilities
  • Encouraging and empowering Residents to make their needs and wants known
  • Individual and systemic advocacy for and on behalf of Residents
  • Promotion of best practices in long term care facilities
  • Providing education to family members, facility staff and community members on issues pertaining to long term care

If you would like more information on the Shawnee Alliance Long Term Care Ombudsman Program or would like to speak with an Ombudsman, please contact Shawnee Alliance at 1-800-642-7773 or 618-985-8322.


Shawnee Alliance Long Term Care Ombudsman Program recruits volunteers to advocate for residents. Volunteers receive training including supervised visits to long term care facilities, and ongoing support by the Volunteer Coordinator.  Volunteers make a great contribution to the quality of life of long term care residents. If you are interested in becoming a trained Volunteer Ombudsman, please contact Shawnee Alliance at 1-800-642-7773.

Adult Protective Services

Volunteer Opportunities


Funded in part by the Older American’s Act through the Egyptian Area Agency on Aging.