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“Lose to Gain” Healthy Weight Program

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We can help you make changes to promote weight loss and lead a healthier life.

Is This Program Right For You?

Does your weight make everyday activities difficult?


Are you looking for help finding ways to fit healthy food and physical activity into your life?


Do you struggle with weight related health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure?

Lose Just 10 Pounds And...

Reduce your chance of a heart attack


Lower your cholesterol and blood pressure


Your joints will thank you!


Avoid Sleep Apnea


Increase your life span


Improve your self-image

Ways to Learn More About the Program

Call for a one-on-one consult,


Attend one of the FREE introductory meetings on Mondays,

Reservation Required
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Are you ready to Lose Weight to Gain a Healthier Life?

“Lose to Gain”  is a comprehensive weight management program that keeps YOU in mind. We offer a complete assessment and treatment plan by a board certified Obesity Medicine specialist, a licensed dietitian, and a behavioral health counselor.


During your participation, you will have regularly scheduled meetings with your treatment team members. Your team will be with you, side-by-side, throughout your challenging and rewarding journey. We will make sure you reach your goal of an active, and ultimately healthier, life.


5 – 10% weight loss carries significant health benefits for your heart, your energy, and your body’s healing ability.


We want you to enjoy and explore life to the fullest with a healthier weight and greater outlook on life!

Your Path to a Healthier Lifestyle includes…

Individual Visits

Everyone faces different challenges with weight loss. Your visit is a personal, one-on-one meeting with the physician, nutritionist, or behavioral health specialist. All of your questions are answered and you receive the guidance and support you need to succeed.


Real Food!

Choosing the foods to boost your weight loss is difficult. One-on-one individualized sessions will be a cornerstone of this program. Our dietitian will help you design meal plans that meet your personal food preferences!


Physical Activity

We will help you create a physical activity plan that varies according to your ability and desire, and will include both organized and informal activities.

Dr. Matin Nekzad, MD

Doctor Matin Nekzad, MD
Board Certified in Family Medicine

American Board of Obesity Medicine Diplomate

Gail Peterman, RD, LD, CDE

Gail Peterman, Dietitian, Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator
Registered Dietitian

Licensed Dietitian

Certified Diabetes Educator

Yvonne Daniels, LCSW

Yvonne Daniels, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Behavioral Health Specialist