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“Lose to Gain” Weight Loss Program

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“Lose to Gain” is a weight loss program that keeps YOU in mind.  We offer a complete asseessment and treatment plan by a board-certified Obesity Medicine specialist, a licensed dietitian, and a behavioral health counselor.

Our professional staff is trained to provide you with individualized:

  • weight loss plan
  • nutrition counseling
  • strategies to help with stress

Is this program right

for you?

Does your weight make everyday activities difficult?

Are you looking for help finding ways to fit healthy food and physical activity into your life?

Do you struggle with weight related health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure?

Lose Only 10 pounds


Reduce your chance of a heart attack

Lower your cholesterol and blood pressure

Your joints will thank you!

Increase your life span

How You Can

Get Started

Call for a one-on-one consult.


Attend one of the FREE introductory meetings on Mondays.

Call (618) 519-9200 to reserve your seat today.


Watch the video below.

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