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Video Visits - Remote Health Care

Shawnee Health Service is now offering Video Visits, through Zoom (a free app), for patient appointments with our providers.
Call (618) 519-9200 to get started.

To prepare for your remote visit you will need:

  • internet access
  • a reliable, easy to access email account
  • Zoom access through an app on your smart phone (recommended) or other mobile device, or through a browser like Chrome on your computer
  • internet camera (usually integrated in your smart phone or other device, please ensure that your camera is on and enabled)
  • internet audio/microphone (usually integrated in your smart phone or other device)
    OR have your phone nearby to dial in to the visit


Items that would be handy to have:

  • thermometer
  • scale for checking your weight
  • a way to check your blood pressure (many fitness trackers can do this)
Downloading Zoom to your mobile device:
  • For Apple/iPhone products the App Store is a blue icon with popsicle sticks in the shape of the letter “A”.
    Apple Store Icon
  • For Android devices the Google Play app is blue, red, green and orange and looks like the “play” button of a radio, stereo, DVD player, etc.
    Google Play Icon
  • Enter zoom into the search box and download the free app.
  • The Zoom app icon should look like this:
    Zoom App Icon
Start your appointment:
  • Open the email from us inviting you to the “meeting”:
    Sample email
    Please note the Meeting ID and Password in the email sent to you.
  • Click on the link.
  • Zoom will open and on-screen instructions will guide you through starting your video and audio to connect with your provider.
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