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Your Privacy

Your Information.  Your Rights.  Our Responsibilities.

This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.
Please review it carefully.

Your Rights

When it comes to your health information, you have certain rights.  This section explains your rights and some of our responsibilities to help you.

Your Choices

For certain health information, you can tell us your choices about what we share.  If you have a clear preference for how we share your information in the situations described below, talk to us.  Tell us what you want us to do, and we will follow your instructions.

Our Uses and Disclosures

How do we typically use or share your health information?  We typically use or share your health information in the following ways:

How else can we use or share your health information?  We are allowed or required to share your information in other ways – usually in ways that contribute to the public good, such as public health and research.  We have to meet many conditions in the law before we can share your information for these purposes.
For more information see:

Special privacy protections apply to HIV-related information, alcohol and substance abuse, mental health and genetic information. Unless required by law, Shawnee Health Service (SHS) will not release this information unless you provide written consent. SHS will only use this information internally as needed for quality improvement, billing, and information systems/information technology purposes.

SHS participates in the Southern Illinois Health Information Exchange (SIHIE) and exchanges health information with other local hospitals. This allows SHS to share your health information with other healthcare providers involved in your care. If you would like to opt-out, please complete the form located at or request the Opt-Out form from us.

SHS shares your health and treatment information as needed with the Illinois Comprehensive Automatized Immunization Registry Exchange (ICARE). If you would like to opt-out, please request the Opt-Out form from us.

Our Responsibilities

  • We are required by law to maintain the privacy and security of your protected health information.
  • We will let you know promptly if a breach occurs that may have compromised the privacy or security of your information.
  • We must follow the duties and privacy practices described in this notice and give you a copy of it.
  • We will not use or share your information other than as described here unless you tell us we can in
    writing. If you tell us we can, you may change your mind at any time. Let us know in writing if you
    change your mind.

For more information see:

Changes to the Terms of This Notice

We can change the terms of this notice, and the changes will apply to all information we have about you. The new notice will be available upon request, in our office, and on our web site.

Effective Date: April 14, 2003, Revised October 17, 2018

This Notice of Privacy Practices applies to the following organizations.

All Shawnee Health Service sites.  If you would like a list of locations, please ask us.

Privacy Officer:
  Connie Favreau

Shawnee Health Service, 109 California Street, PO Box 577, Carterville, IL 62918-0577

Email:    Phone:   (618) 956-8221    Fax:  (618) 985-6860

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