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For women of all ages.  Now also at Shawnee Health Care, Marion!

Shawnee Health Care, OB/GYN is a full service obstetrics (birth care) and gynecology (care for women’s health conditions) health center for women of all ages.

We provide the exceptional care, expert medical knowledge, compassion, and support that each woman deserves.

Our experienced OB/GYN clinicians and welcoming environment make your birth experience feel safe and comfortable.  We want you to be able to focus on the joy of meeting your baby for the very first time.

Our comprehensive care for your child starts the minute they are born.  Learn more about our Fourth Trimester Program and how we can help your family adapt to the changes of having a new baby in your home.

Women’s Health Services Available

Prenatal (before birth) care is an important part of a healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby.  This care should begin very early in the pregnancy and continue regularly throughout the pregnancy.  Your doctor or midwife will discuss many issues with you such as nutrition and physical activity, what to expect, breastfeeding, and much more.
Expert care, testing, and counseling for high risk pregnancies.
An ultrasound is a medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture images of your baby in the womb.  A 4D Ultrasound captures a detailed image that is continuously updated, much like a movie, so you can watch your baby in “live action” in the womb.
A well woman exam is an exam offered to women to review elements of their reproductive health.  The exam includes a breast examination, a pelvic examination and a pap smear but may also include other procedures.
Family planning allows a woman and her partner to plan and control the number of children in their family and the amount of time between their births.  At Shawnee Health Care, we can help you understand the many birth control methods and help you choose the method that is best for you.
A woman who has been trying to start a family unsuccessfully for six months or more may wish to have an infertility evaluation.  This will help determine the cause of infertility and treatment options.
Pain below your belly button and above your legs counts as pelvic pain. Our staff can help you discover causes and offer treatment options.
Menstrual disorders are problems related to a woman's normal menstrual cycle.  They are one of the most common reasons women visit their gynecologist.

Menstrual disorders and their symptoms can disrupt a woman's daily life.  They can also affect her ability to become pregnant.
An STI test checks whether you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI).
Menopause is a time in a woman's life when her ovaries stop making estrogen and progesterone, causing her menstrual cycles to stop. This may cause symptoms which need treatment.

Our staff provides education, support, and resources for women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms.
Hormone Replacement Therapy is a form of hormone therapy used to treat symptoms associated with menopause.
Pelvic organ prolapse happens when the muscles and tissues supporting the pelvic organs (the uterus, bladder, or rectum) become weak or loose.
The da Vinci Surgical System is a robotic surgical system designed to facilitate surgery using a minimally invasive approach, for improved outcomes, fewer complications, and improved recovery time.

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Bringing together OB/GYN and Pediatrics

Shawnee Health Care believes that our commitment to caring for the whole child and family sets us apart in providing the best possible care.

Pregnancy, Birth, & Beyond Booklet (PDF document) – Find out more about our staff and services.
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