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Shawnee Health offers comprehensive family medicine, or “primary care”, for patients of all ages.  Every person should have a primary care clinician* (also called a “primary care provider”) and a medical home.  Your primary care clinician will know your medical needs and help you manage them.  They will help you focus on your health and offer you referrals as needed.

Our family medicine clinicians offer:

Acute medical care

Same day care available for cough, sore throat, fever, flu, rash, sprains, cuts, and other common conditions and illnesses

Chronic illness management

Asthma, diabestes, hypertension, and other illnesses

Men’s health care

Prostate exams, annual check-ups

Preventive care

Screenings, immunizations, and health education

Well-child care

Newborn care, acute/sick care, immunizations, screenings, school and sports physicals, nutrition counseling, behavioral health counseling, asthma education, and more

Women’s health care

Pap smears, birth control/family planning, pelvic pain, menstrual disorders, menopause care, hormone replacement therapy, and referrals for other needed services
Locations in Carbondale, Carterville, Marion, and Murphysboro.
* Clinician – a doctor or health professional, such as a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant, who is directly involved in patient care

Lisa Baranski, PA-C
Family Medicine
Kowsika Movva, MD
Family Medicine
Kara Flatt, APN
Family Medicine
Jerry Martin, APN
Family Medicine
Samantha Stadts, PA-C
Family Medicine
Teresa Johnson, APN
Family Medicine
Meghan Shackleton, APN
Family Medicine
Jessica Rigg, APN
Family Medicine
Renée Feather, MD
Family Medicine
Kristin McDonald, APN
Family Medicine
Jessica Baine, APN
Family Medicine
Holly Gates, APN
Family Medicine
Brandi Swift, APN
Family Medicine
Kaif Mansuri, MD
Family Medicine
Christina Trapp, PA-C
Family Medicine
Laura Castillo, APN
Family Medicine
Ethan Weshinskey, PA-C
Family Medicine
Amanda Reynolds, APN
Family Medicine
Tasmeer Hassan, MD
Family Medicine
Felicia Kimbrough, APN
Family Medicine
Aaron Newcomb, DO
Family & Addiction Medicine
Jeff Ripperda, MD
Family/OB/Addiction Medicine
Darlene Lutchka, MD
Family Medicine
Clare Williams, MD
Family Medicine with OB
Matin Nekzad, MD
Family & Obesity Medicine

All Shawnee Health clinics are currently closed. If you need to get ahold of the On-Call Provider, call 618-519-9200, press option #1, select your “specialty” needed and follow the prompts for our On-Call Provider. If you are dealing with an emergency please call 911 or visit the ER.

  • Christmas Eve: December 24, 2020  -  Closed
  • Christmas Day: December 25, 2020  -  Closed
  • New Year's Eve: December 31, 2020  -  Regular Hours
  • New Year's Day: January 1, 2021  -  Closed
  • Christmas Eve: December 24, 2020  -  8 am - 1 pm
  • Christmas Day: December 25, 2020  -  Closed
  • New Year's Eve: December 31, 2020  -  8 am - 5 pm
  • New Year's Day: January 1, 2021  -  8 am - 1 pm
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